M. V. Marguerite

18 Year Old Author

“I think all writing is a disease. You can’t stop it.”

—William Carlos Williams



My First Baby

I started writing Those Who Cry Green Tears when I was in fourth grade. As you can imagine, I've rewritten it a thousand times, give or take a hundred. In fact the only thing that has survived the original version (drafted on the margins of a coloring book) is the name David, who is now my primary male character.

I first decided I wanted to publish TWCGT in the summer of 2012. My plan was to send it to a publishing house, launch it on a global scale, and become filthy rich.

... but then I landed back on planet earth, and research told me that before sending it to a publishing house, I needed an agent. Before getting an agent, I should send it to an editor. And even if I did manage to do both of those things, there were a hundred different variables that might impede my "filthy rich" dream.

So instead I decided to start small. I did send my manuscript to an editor, but instead of looking for an agent after I got it back, I sent it to a self-publishing company called Xlibris, which made my book available in ebook form and print-on demand from major resellers like Amazon and Barnes and Noble. 

A year and some since my first publication has given me perspective: I realize I could have done more research (instead of watching Netflix). I could have prepared for a better launch (yes, talking to people), or focused on marketing (gross) to prepare an audience. Before my book's release, the only people who knew about my writing was my family. Once my book was released, I literally sent out an email that said, "Hey! I know you think you know me, but I just published a 360 page book! Buy it!" 

Yeah, maybe I should have prepared for a better launch. 

But in the end, I have no regrets. Self-publishing has given me wisdom and experience that I will be able to put into practice in the future.

So now that you know the story about my story, you probably want to know the actual story!

In a world very similar to our own, a secret war has been brewing for thousands of years. Few humans know of this war, but Auria Isadele and David Adams are thrown straight into it when their families are captured by monsters and strange things begin to happen, both to themselves and the world they thought they knew so well.

Reluctant to let her guard down around the handsome stranger, Auria soon learns there is more then she'd guessed beneath the capture of her loved ones, and it’s no longer only about their rescue but of the rescue of their world; a responsibility she does not want. She is soon forced to reach the horrifying conclusion that it’s either trusting  David, or death. But because of dark events from her past, she knows she might suffer either way. 

They do not get the choice. They are chosen.