M. V. Marguerite

18 Year Old Author

“I think all writing is a disease. You can’t stop it.”

—William Carlos Williams



My Second Baby

I started writing Those Who Burned the Shadows while TWCGT was being edited (spring of 2013) and finished in January of the next year (about a month after the due date I'd set for myself...not too bad). During the writing process I did not make any major changes to the first draft (must mean I'm a genius), because by then I had a clear view of where I wanted the story to go and how I wanted it to end. I think TWBTS is better than TWCGT because by the time I began working on the sequel, I was a better writer than when I'd been working on the first book.

Also, all writers hate things they've written in the past. I think it's genetic.

When I finished TWBTS, I felt a conflicting jumble of emotions somewhere between bubbling relief and crushing loss. It felt like finishing a series you loved. Except for I'd written the books, and I'd been writing them for ten years. I'll let you work out the difference. 

Anyway, here it is:


Six months ago, Auria would have described herself as an unremarkably logical person with a sure future. But after she and David were handed catastrophic powers and the task of saving the world, she knew that that normality was long gone; especially after realizing she’d fallen in love. Plus, who would choose being normal over the ability to wield earth’s most destructive forces?

Soon faced with constant danger from all sides, Auria realizes that maybe she would. Unfortunately though, that’s a choice the Abyses don’t get. Auria is convinced that the key to the dark enemy lies within the mysterious tunnels Joyce discovered near the Haripi Camp: those that can only be opened by the touch of an Abys. So once again, Auria and David begin to explore another unknown, learning more about themselves and the true cost of being an Abys.

Luckily, they are not alone. The imminent war is a menace to everyone who must choose between succumbing to the darkness or fighting for the life they wished they could have had.

But how much blood can be sacrificed, before the fight doesn’t become worth it anymore?

How many times can you lose sight of yourself, before becoming completely lost?