M. V. Marguerite

18 Year Old Author

“I think all writing is a disease. You can’t stop it.”

—William Carlos Williams



Wow, if you've gotten so far in my website, I must be really good.

So Human started out as a distracting idea two years ago when I was in the middle of writing TWBTS. Pretty soon characters t go along with that idea began visiting my dreams. Long story short, the bitchy unwritten novel demanded attention, and what is a writer to do? 

Of course, give it attention.

I started writing it around the time TWBTS came out, and finished it November of 2014. It is not self published because I'm hoping to politely throw it at some agent once I've finished its sequel.

(drum roll please)

So Human Summary (minus spoilers)

Alice: protagonist

Wrena: Alice’s friend. Significance- first person who sees something in Alice beyond her perfection.

Corin: Also tries to see Alice for the person she is- well, isn't.

Rachel: Alice's leader from the RotS-DS. Main antagonist.

Richard: A weapons developer. Becomes Alice's father figure.

Sofia and Elijah: two subjects ———————————

Meredith: Alice’s sister, believed Alice was ————. Works with people who use scents to bring back subjects’ memories (Fabian, Jacenty, Serena, Mirabelle, Robin)

Fress: a spy for Meredith, undercover as Mary Elizabeth  

Alice’s life starts in a white hospital room, as most everyone’s does; but hers begins four different times after three different surgeries. Dr. Jalez, the doctor operating the surgeries, works for the RotS-DS, an organization that provides operations to remove memories. The patients whose surgeries accidentally remove too much (not only memories, but ability to feel emotions) are secretly trained to become specialized agents in the hopes of selling them to the American military. Because of the removal of their emotions, subjects are able to train and become excellent in all skills including the use of firearms and other weapons, all athletics, scholarly studies, etc.: substantially rendering them perfect. Alice Gaede is a subject, but unlike other subjects, she has received three different surgeries. The final surgery wipes away all her memories, and the RotS-DS uses this to make her the best of all subjects. She becomes the perfect soldier, but Rachel soon realizes the American government won’t want her unless she is able to display human characteristics like compassion and mercy. So Human begins when Rachel sends Alice to high school to accustom her to emotional experiences. Alice, a highly specialized teenage agent, copes with high school life in a comical manner, and through interactions with Wrena and Corin begins to understand emotions previously foreign to her. But her temporary peace is disturbed by the appearance of ——. When matters complicate further, Alice is pressured to choose between her new life and the life Rachel tells her is right, even though Rachel remains convinced of her utmost loyalty. Rachel gets word from a secret government section (The Wing) who assures Alice a place among them if her slate remains clean for another month. Immediately after, a small group opposed to Alice’s incorporation attempts to sabotage her “month” by ——. Later Richard finds a secret file with a terrible secret, but Rachel ——— before he is able to tell Alice. Alice witnesses this, and decides she wants her memories back. Meredith’s scents, however, don’t work on her, and when Rachel discovers this she captures Alice and plans to perform more operations on all other subjects so they can also be immune to remembering. A safety mission goes terribly wrong, and Alice makes a deal with Rachel: ————— even though she knows Rachel may —————.