M. V. Marguerite

18 Year Old Author

“I think all writing is a disease. You can’t stop it.”

—William Carlos Williams



Here are all the characters from everything I've written and released so far. Enjoy pronouncing the Birdmen's names (evil grin). 

In order of appearance (somewhat):

Those Who Cry Green Tears

  1. Auria Isadele: main character, female Abys
  2. Mr. Tage: Stonington High principal
  3. Mr. Kertin: Stonington High gym teacher
  4. Cassidy: Red-head girl Auria meets in gym class
  5. Mrs. Melone: Stonington High history teacher
  6. Joan Isadele: Auria’s mother
  7. Joyce Isadele: Auria’s brother
  8. Miss Fendle: Joyce’s elementary school teacher
  9. David Adams: secondary character, male Abys
  10. Mr. Philip: Stonington High School English teacher
  11. Lucas Benet: Auria’s childhood friend
  12. Mrs. Benet: Lucas’s mother
  13. Samuel Isadele: Auria’s father
  14. Maria: one of Auria’s senior classmates in history class, get’s eaten by Ombras
  15. Ashley Crow: Auria’s childhood friend, believed dead
  16. Estelle Ceja/Singe: Auria and David’s Haripi
  17. Anarc Singe: Estelle’s brother, leads Auria and David to the Haripi camp for the first time
  18. Barran: Elf of the West, Haripi Leader
  19. Olivia: one of Barran’s helper/advisors
  20. Effelan: one of Barran’s advisors, does not agree wih the Abyses
  21. Jerrold: one of Barran’s advisors, old man
  22. Bofir: one of Barran’s advisor, Dwarf
  23. Narchin Singe: Estelle and Anarc’s father
  24. Gledes Singe: Estelle and Anarc’s mother
  25. Alas Ander: Haripi archery trainer
  26. Endomna: Haripi who sang during the last night of Auria and David’s stay at the Haripi camp
  27. Legi: one of Auria and David’s escorts to the Wind Camp
  28. Elcromis: one of Auria and David’s escorts to the Wind Camp
  29. Silstener: leader of the Floating Village
  30. Atterjoy: Wind Leader 
  31. Jack Cravett: human doctor at the Wind Camp
  32. Auden Reeves: Auria and David’s Wind
  33. Harrison Culter: one of Ashley’s guards before the execution
  34. James Reeves: Auden’s uncle
  35. Daniel Norton: member of the rebels who spoke out against the Abyses
  36. Brettine: Auria’s horse
  37. Romero: David’s horse
  38. Hawk: Auden’s horse
  39. Absaroke: leader of the Birdmen
  40. Xenophe: Auria’s Birdman friend
  41. Haelioc: one of the Birdmen’s that escorted Auria and Auden to the Haripi Camp
  42. Camker: Birdman responsible of David during his stay with the Birdmen

Additional Character in Those Who Burned the Shadows

note: names in bold attended The Council

  1. Drew, Father of Steel: King of the Kingdom of Steel
  2. Gabriel, Son of Drew: Prince of the Kingdom of Steel
  3. Caethe, Sister of the Stars: Important female Elf
  4. Bronte of a Thousand Jewels: Ruler of the Dwarves
  5. Stacy Adams: David's mother
  6. Ireth: Elf, son of Silstener, helps heal Auria after the tunnels
  7. Samantha: David's ex-girlfriend, was one of the survivors from Stonington
  8. Anita: Lucas' sister, is killed and possessed
  9. Brethel: Femal Birdman leader of a tribe beyond the Northern Mountains
  10. Jason: A Haripi sentinel 
  11. Talin and Arquor: Two Haripis
  12. Julio, Brae, and Garcia: Haripi volunteers for the suicide mission
  13. Rutricker: A man from the Kingdom of Steel
  14. Mandriel: A human leader of a smaller group
  15. Ninaan: Another smaller Birdman leader